Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS)


:: Application for Residential Hall Membership 2022 - 2023 ::

  1. Please read the hall application information and instruction webpage carefully before completing this application form:
  2. Recommend using a Windows computer and Internet Explorer to fill this form
  3. This application applies only to all undergraduate halls for undergraduates, NOT for postgraduate halls.
  4. This application is valid only for hall residence in Year 2022 - 2023.
  5. This form should be used by the following groups of students only:
    • newly admitted exchange/visiting students (undergraduates, including LLB students), OR
    • newly admitted non-local full degree* undergraduate students (full-time students only)
  6. To Exchange/Visiting Students only:
    • When you have received your Notice of Admission from your Faculty in this University, please send a copy to CEDARS by email to <cedars.housing@hku.hk>. You will NOT be offered a place if CEDARS has not received the copy of your Notice of Admission.
  7. To Full Degree Students:
    • You will NOT be offered a place if you are having conditional admission offer only.
  8. Please submit one application only. If you would like to update the information submitted, please write to cedars.housing@hku.hk.

*Remarks: Non-local full degree student is the one who is holding a student visa, IANG or dependent visa when admitting to HKU. If you are a holder of Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card, you are considered as a LOCAL student and SHOULD apply for hall place via other system(s). For details, please refer to the website of Academic Services of the Registry.

Section A - Personal Particulars

(FAMILY NAME in BLOCK LETTER first. Full name as on passport)
Name in Chinese :
University number
(Please provide your 10-digit HKU student number, 10-digit HKU application number or 10-digit exchange application number or 10-digit reference code if you have. Please skip this field if you do not have such number now.)
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Proposed date of arrival in Hong Kong (YYYY-MM-DD) :
Duration of proposed stay in hall :

CEDARS will send you auto-acknowledgment and notifications to this email address only. Please make sure you will check this email account regularly and emails from us cedars.housing@hku.hk will not be blocked.

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Section B - Other information

Attendance at tertiary educational institutions (if any)

Name of Institution
Period of Attendance
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Degrees & Diplomas Awarded
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Part-time Full-time
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Working experience (if any)

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Period of Employment
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Position Held
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Part-time Full-time
If you have been awarded, or have applied for a scholarship, bursary, or postgraduate studentship in 2022-23, please specify name and value of the awards(s)
Interests, hobbies, activities (including posts held in clubs and societies):
Special dietary requirement, please specify (SDR)
If you have any medical conditions that warrant special consideration, please specify: (MC)
Additional information (including any special needs that may affect your choice of hall): (AI)


Please note that:

  • Due to shortage of places, you may not be accommodated to the site you have chosen.
  • St. John's College, Ricci Hall and University Hall have compulsory meal charges.

For details, please visit http://cedars.hku.hk.

I wish to apply for residential membership of a hall in residential year 2022 - 2023 and declare that the information provided in this form is accurate and complete.

Important note: If you have successfully submitted your online application, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement by email individually. If you do not receive the acknowledgement, please write to <cedars.housing@hku.hk>